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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Karanja Uran Naval base trip near Bombay(mumbai)

Just came back from a short trip to a naval base near Bombay i.e. Mumbai. The base is called Karanja and its nearly 40 kms from Vashi by road through Uran. Well most people dont know about Karanja so normally we need to refer to it as Uran.
Its a beautifull place but its quite away and just too long by road. But there is a short cut. From the arport you need to reach Colamba and locate the Cheetah gate. Once at Cheetah gate you would need a security pass which can only be issued on the request of an NAVY employee. Once you have the security pass you can get inside the gate. There are a large number of ships and frigates whch are under repair. but dont loiter otherwise U would get kicked off. Then comes the fun part i.e. U need to take a navy ferry to go over to Karanja. Surpisingly the fery was quite sea worthy. The sea ride is around 45 minutes into the new jetty. from their the NAVY area is less than a kilometer.


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