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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cambridge MBA rules over Oxford MBA

I have selected the Cambridge (Judge) MBA over the Oxford (Said) MBA. There are two aspects of this decision the reasons why I liked the Cambridge MBA over the Oxford MBA and the other being the things that I found uncomfortable in Oxford.

Cambridge Pluses
1) Cambridge has a better technology environment than Oxford in teaching and in practical(silicon fern)
2) Higher class age & higher work experience requirement
3) Higher academic requirements.(insisting on a first class)
4) The MBA forms and the interviews seemed to focus on what went wrong or where I was lacking rather than on my successes. I have always believed we learn more from failures than successes. Most other MBA schools don’t talk about failures.
5) Much more scholarships(though I don’t know if I will get any)

Oxford Minuses
1) They recently lost their loan scheme this points out that some of the ex-students have been defaulters are no longer considered creditworthy by HSBC.
2) Everyone who has applied seems to have been offered a place (significantly lower age/experience requirements) this may point to falling standards.

Well there are things which don’t matter to me but might matter to others
1) Oxford SBS is made from blood money. The Said in the name is the name of the middle-east arms dealers who is accused of supplying arms to restricted countries hence facilitating genocides.
2) My friends who have toured both cities say that Cambridge looks better, as Oxford is getting concretized.
3) We don’t have to wear a gown to give exams in Cambridge :-)



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