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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Selling UK land(near London) in India

Just read an article in one of the magazines about buying land in the UK. It seems that there are some new companies which are selling greenbelt UK land in India. By greenbelt it means that the local councils haven't authorized any sort of construction on that land. Once you buy the land you can apply for the conversion and if it gets approved the rates jump up many fold. The cost of the land plots is being kept under $25000 as thats the maximum foreign exchange limit for Indians.

I guess this serves as proof that the old colonial times are truely over. There was time 60 years ago when whole of India was owned by the britishers and now small chunks of the UK will be owned by Indians.

As for the investment angle its just to high risk as it involves governement approvals & I have no idea about the local politics where the land is being purchased.



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