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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reviving the blog

Its been 4 weeks since I started the MBA and its been quite hectic. I wish I had the time to talk about it. But unfortunately I dont so will try to put in some snippets.

Day -4(arriving in Cambridge)
I flew into Cambridge 4 days before the start of the course. The flight was uneventfull that nearly every checkpoint asked me to open my bags. One of my classmates had flown in form sri lanka a few days ago told us that was asked to produce a chest xray. This was a bit surpising becuase the british embassy's official position is that no medical examination is required if you are entering from a non yellow fever country. Anywasy owhen i reached the counter the immigration officer asked for my lungs report. If you arent carying anything you have to go to a health counter to get a checkup done which will take atleast another hour.
I met up with one of my classmates Jyothi who had flown in from Delhi half an hour after me. Before flying in we had decided that we will drive together to Cambridge from London,so we went outside and grabbed a shuttle to the rental car company(national). As we had 4 large suitcases and 2 carryons I had rented an SUV.WARNING:- if you are renting at national at heathrow be prepared for an half an hour line to get the papers of your car. The people at their office are just soo slow. The drive from heathrow was nice,except we kept on loosing our way in a few places. The traffics on the major highways is similar to the US traffic except that we are now driving a manual instead f an automatic,so shifting gears creates more gaps in traffic.

Once we took the recommended exit into Cambridge we were quite lost driving on a narrow road but we kept on going and realized that we were on trumpington street which is one of the largest street in cambridge which runs in front of Judge. I finally saw Jude on the right hand side for a brief moment. its a grand building but its quite 'colorfull'.

The thing that strikes you is how small it is. The main areas are just like a city block back in India. e.g I would say that Cambridge is smaller than Koramangala in Bangalore. We finallyt managed to reach both the colleges and collected our keys. The porters were nice and friendly and didnt even ask for IDs to collect our keys. We drove down the houses unloaded the luggage and had some nodles and crashed.



  • Gald to know you reached safe and sound! Tell me more about how yr liking living there, miss home etc? How are studies going? whats yr normal ritual during weekends?
    Can't wait to hear more!
    Good luck and happy studying! :-)

    By Blogger Rosie, at Monday, October 16, 2006 4:28:00 AM  

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