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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Just came across a few news artcles about the new Google complex around 80 miles of Portland,Oregon,USA. Finally after a long time some investments seem to be flowing back into the Portland area.

The interesting part was that Google claim that google has approximately 450,000 computers in its grid. And they plan to to use the new center as a data center so this number is going to rise .

Wehn I visted the Silicon Graphics meuseum in the bay area one of the exhibits was a 16 node rack which was the first computer which ran the google search engine. The unique thing about the google architecture is the complete unreliance on any special interconnect, they just use simple cheap ethernet. This has helped them in exponentially scaling the number of nodes in the google grid.

Best of luck google as M$ is after you with plans of boosting thetheir grid to 800,000 computers by 2011.



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