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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The movie 300 is racist and completly innacurate

Hey Folks,

I havent posted anything for long, I guess I was tied to my inital theme so I have just decided to ditch it and star anew.

First of all don't see the 300. Its a highly racist and falsified story, with gaps in its storyline.
Let me just list out some of the things

1)In the movie the Spartans are shown to be free men and the Persians are shown to have a slave army. As per history it was the exact opposite, The Spartans enslaved people called the "herlots' and 900 of them died fighting alongside the 300. As for the Persians Xerxes's faher had declared slavery illegal all over the Persina empire.(In Sprta 90% of the populaion was made of slaves)

2) Size of the force. As per the hstorians the Greek army was made up of atleast 5000 soldiers, but in the movie they are shown as just a handfull.

3) The movie glorifies the Agoge system, in which a 7 year old child is taken from his mother and put into a military academy. It did exist but future Kings were not allowed to take part in it. So the whole Leonardes(Kings) episode was a creative licence

4) Ending of the Agoge: The movie shows the end of the Agoge by a wolf hunt in the wild, as per history it was concluded by murdering any Spartan slave i.e the "Herlots"

5) On a more generalistic sense the Movie is extremely racists as it atempts to vilify the Persians and then changes their skin color to Black, implying that Blacks attacked the Whites and the Blacks were evil.

Personally I have never seen a more villified campaign against any community.